ADTEL Sistemas de Telecomunicación is a company dedicated to the provision of telecommunications services with a high specialization in audiovisual, multimedia, transmission and radio communications

We transform structures and organizations

We add value to the different sectors of society with smart technologies

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We carry out specialized services for operators, integrators and manufacturers

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We work on the intelligence and efficiency of mobility with consolidated technological solutions

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Public administration

We integrate solutions to optimize the efficiency of public services

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We offer complete technology solutions for commercial environments and concurrency areas

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We integrate audiovisual and multimedia solutions in companies and com media.

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We carry out specialized services for operators, integrators and manufacturers

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Featured solutions

Technology solutions to optimize the efficiency of organizations and AAPP

Communications module for Smart City

Connect citizens with the environment with smart technology. is a communications module that works with IP technology, designed to be installed inside urban furniture. Allows the integration of other technological applications to serve citizens

Intelligent Audiovisual Technology

Intelligent live recording and broadcasting system. Generate audiovisual content of your events and plenary sessions automatically, with professional quality and efficiency in the realization

Mobile video surveillance solutions

VIMO is the technology that works as a portable command center that allows the management, monitoring and distribution of live images in complex environments:

Your company operator

Call You is the approved personal telecommunications service provider for businesses. We offer VoIP services, mobile telephony, connectivity and other solutions for organizations

3G / 4G bonding mobile connectivity

The Call You Extreme service with 3G / 4G bonding technology allows the connection of high bandwidth and high availability in vehicles and in areas with little connectivity.


Our projects and solutions

Quality and Environment


UNE-EN-ISO 9001 y UNE-EN-ISO 14001.

Our objective is focused on satisfying the needs of our clients, avoiding significant environmental impacts as much as possible and promoting proper environmental management.