Qualified and registered installers


ADTEL offers its resources as an installation company. We often work in telecommunications deployments and audiovisual networks. Our operational capacity has developed after having participated in the main network deployments that have been carried out in recent years:

  • Digital Terrestrial Television,
  • 3G and 4G mobile phone networks,
  • TETRA Radiocommunications,
  • FTTH

We also carry out installations for corporate clients, public administrations, transport and water and environmental companies, commercial companies and industrial complexes.

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We offer our customers qualified installation resources capable of installing and commissioning the equipment in charge. We have the necessary technical resources:

  • Tools and instruments for installation
  • Measurement instrumentation
  • Certification of our works

When customers require it, we can provide a high degree of project management. ADTEL makes huge efforts training our staff, technical and health as well as safety. Our staff meets all the requirements in occupational risk prevention (PRL), and we are approved in most of the hiring platforms used by our clients.

Principales áreas de especialización 


PMR / Trunking / TETRA


Transmisión Inalámbrica

Difusión Radio y Televisión


Sistemas audiovisuales y multimedia

Vídeo y Audio

Audiovisual y Seguridad

Transmisión de F.O

Sistemas para infraestructuras

Despliegue de F.O

Sistemas para infraestructuras

Proyectos I+D

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