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ADTEL offers its customers its resources as an installation company accustomed to working in telecommunications network and audiovisual distribution. Our operational capacity has been developed after having participated in the growth of major networks that has taken place in recent years, including terrestrial digital television, 3G and 4G mobile phone networks, TETRA and FTTH radio communications. Similarly, we normally undertake installations for corporate customers, public administration, transport companies and water and environmental companies.

At ADTEL, we offer our customers qualified installation resources with the capacity to install and render operational the equipment that has been ordered. In order to do so, we have the technical resources in the form of tools and instruments for the installation, measurement and certification of our work.

When customers so require, at ADTEL we can provide a high level of project management, downloading to our customers resources dedicated to coordinating the working groups and we can also work with other contractors.

ADTEL dedicates significant efforts to the training of our staff, both technical and in health and safety. Our staff meets all requirements on occupational risk prevention (ORP), and we are approved in the majority of trading platforms used by our customers.

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Explore the services that we offer in ADTEL:

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Solutions ADTEL

Explore the range of solutions created by ADTEL to fulfill your needs:

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