More than 70 IP cameras to look out Barcelona's train stations

New IP video surveillance equipment for Estación del Norte and Fabra y Puig Barcelona stations The train stations of Fabra i Puig and the Estación del Norte of Barcelona have new IP video surveillance equipment to guarantee the safety of users. ADTEL is has apply more than 70 IP cameras in the station platforms. These security cameras have o relay …

emisora local-radio molins-web

ADTEL collaborates with the ceremony of Radio Molins de Rei 2019

ADTEL participate again in Radio Molins de Rei awards 2019 as sponsor of the event due to its relationship with the town and the radio station. The local radio station organizes this ceremony for the collaborators of Molins de Rei. The festival awarded the citizens, associations and entities of the municipality that work and collaborate with the local radio station …

nit de les telecomunicacions

ADTEL participates in la Nit de les Telecomunicacions 2019

ADTEL participates again with the 24th edition of the Nit de les Telecomunicaciones i la Informàtica, organized by the professional associations of Computer Engineering and Telecos.cat on Thursday, February 21, 2019 at L’AUDITORI in Barcelona. La Nit is an event that encourages networking among different professionals in the telecommunications sector, as well as companies, municipalities and institutions. The team of …

instalación red wifi candelera 2019

ADTEL installs a Wi-Fi network and PTZ cameras in La Candelera de Molins de Rei 2019

ADTEL participates in the annual fair of La Candelera 2019 in Molins de Rei (Barcelona) on 1-2-3 February, providing Wi-Fi network for pedestrians in the commercial area. As every year, the automatic audiovisual production system Ion Intelligent Technology records the event from start to finish. This is possible thanks to the robotic PTZ cameras installed in the commercial area throughout the …

cine terror molins de rei

ADTEL and NRDmultimedia sponsor the Molins de Rei 2018 horror film festival

Molins de Rei celebrates its annual horror film festival from 9 to 16 November. Founded in 1973, the fame of the Molins horror film festival has increased within the current audiovisual landscape, being a meeting place for horror lovers.In the festival is possible to enjoy of the best national and international horror films and other activities such as workshops, games, …

sistema de videovigilancia avanzado

New video surveillance systems at the railway stations of Sarrià de la Generalitat de Catalunya

ADTEL develops and installs the new video surveillance systems at railway stations of Sarrià – Generalitat de Catalunya stop. The development of this project involves an increase of the pedestrians protection thanks to the integration of intelligent technological systems within railway stations. The new advanced video surveillance systems that have been installed are equipped with 4K technology, night vision and advanced video …

sistema inteligente

The AirVoice smart in communications module in the urban furniture of the streets of Bruguières

After the launch of the new Air Voice Smart In communications and sound module by ADTEL, we celebrated a new success case in France, specifically in the town of Bruguières (Toulouse). In this project, the AirVoice smart in communications module has been integrated into the high-design urban furniture and the lighting columns of Bruguières streets. The module of communications provides …


ADTEL renews the maintenance of the TETRA radio network of Barcelona buses

Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) once again relies on the ADTEL service to work on the maintenance of the TETRA radio network that provides service to Barcelona buses. This technology of critical application is fundamental to carry out voice communications and SAE (Operating Assistance System) for more than 1,000 buses in service at TMB.  

voy y datos orange mantenimiento

Orange relies on ADTEL to renew the maintenance of the Mercabarna's Voice and Data network.

Orange relies on ADTEL to renew the maintenance of the Mercabarna’s Voice and Data network. Mercabarna, the industrial city that feeds Barcelona, has a huge telecommunications network that serves more than 700 customers who work in its facilities. These food distribution, processing, import and export companies are connected to the network 24 hours a day every day of the week. ADTEL …

sistema videovigilancia movil

The new mobile video surveillance system of security department

ADTEL has developed a mobile video surveillance system  in a police vehicle for the Departament d’Interior de la Generalitat de Catalunya. The function of this vehicle is to capture high resolution video images, both with the cameras installed in the vehicle and with the mobile cameras used by agents. All images are managed in the vehicle and can be transmitted …