Mobile video surveillance solutions

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Citizen Security and Mobile Video Surveillance

Portable video surveillance solutions

The recording and distribution of images in large spaces, mass events or mass gatherings is essential to guarantee public safety and in emergency situations.

videovigilancia móvil
videovigilancia móvil
  • Obtaining and viewing images from anywhere
  • Image management adapted to your operation
  • Integrated with existing systems
  • Insurance according to legislation

Mobile video surveillance solutions

Prepared for any critical situation

We have different solutions for situations where access is an obstacle to monitor the environment.

Critical situations and emergency scenarios

Where to implement the video surveillance device for critical situations

VIMO is the technology that works as a portable command center that allows the management, monitoring and distribution of live images in complex environments:

citizen security

• Event control
• Obtaining evidence
• Surveillance
• Borders
• Information

Transportation and mobility

• On-board video
• Emergencies
• Maintenance
• Special operations


• Works
• Emergencies
• Maintenance
• Emergency plans
• Special operations


• Natural disasters
• Advanced Command Center
• Forest fires
• Field hospital
• Medical emergencies


Safety device in fires and natural disasters

Practical case


Crowd control

Security device in massive gatherings

Practical case

videovigilancia móvil


Portable command center solution

The portable surveillance device is the best solution for situations where access is an obstacle to monitor the environment. VIMO is capable of controlling multiple cameras simultaneously from different sources such as:

videovigilancia móvil

Suitcase models and features


videovigilancia móbil


videovigilancia móvil

Video surveillance with drones

Real-time image transmission

If you are using your drone in surveillance functions, you will need to have the images in your Control Room in real time.

VIMO is the fast, secure and affordable image transmission solution for mission critical applications. It has been specially designed for police and emergency services.

videovigilancia drones
videovigilancia drones

Artículo: Drones en Seguridad Ciudadana

Transmisión de vídeo en tiempo real para aplicaciones con Drones en Seguridad Ciudadana

PoC Walkie Talkies

Instant radio communications with SIM card

During the alarm state it is essential to communicate quickly, safely and efficiently during emergency situations. You only need a PoC terminal with a SIM card. Communicate instantly without needing coverage, frequency or access permissions.

Differences between a PoC terminal and a smartphone

There are some key differences between a mobile phone and a PoC Walkie Talkie in critical situations:

  • Insufficient battery: The terminals must have an autonomy that lasts 8 hours of work and recharges quickly.
  • Complex operations: With a smartphone there are several steps before being able to communicate, making instant communication difficult.
  • Limited audio quality: A smartphone has a power of 0.5 to 1W of audio, insufficient in noisy contexts.
  • Insufficient touch with gloves: In the context of the alarm state, smartphones do not detect the touch of fingers with plastic gloves.
  • Delicate and vulnerable: The construction of a smartphone is not robust enough for complex environments.

Manage, monitor and distribute

Take control of the situation live and remotely with VIMO’s recording and broadcasting system

videovigilancia drones


Use drones to broadcast HD footage to the remote command center

videovigilancia móvil
videovigilancia móbil
unidad móvil videovigilancia seguridad
videovigilancia móvil
videovigilancia drones

Multiple settings

It is possible to extend these services to other devices, such as cameras and / or mobile phones, available to all agents so that they can send images in real time to the CCO, maintaining the same reception system that will be carried out by the bodies that have this technology.

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