More than 70 IP cameras to look out Barcelona’s train stations


New IP video surveillance equipment for Estación del Norte and Fabra y Puig Barcelona stations

The train stations of Fabra i Puig and the Estación del Norte of Barcelona have new IP video surveillance equipment to guarantee the safety of users.

ADTEL is has apply more than 70 IP cameras in the station platforms. These security cameras have o relay relaying the information to the different operators and control centers.

These latest generation equipment allows the detection of perimeter intrusion, based on the Deep Learning system (*), which allows to discern if there is suspicious activity in the behavior of passengers. It is also capable of detecting immobile objects of dubious character. For example, the camera can alert the presence abandoned objects in the platforms.

ADTEL has already worked on other projects related to video surveillance in train stations, metro and rail … See more (*)

Deep Learning is an artificial intelligence system that involves an approach to the way the human brain works.