We work with complete technology solutions for commercial environments and crowded areas

    Engineering and Infrastructure installation

    Official partners of reference manufacturers

    Integration services and product manufacturation

    Multidisciplinary reference teams in the technology sector

    Retail solutions

    We implement specific solutions in commercial areas and concurrency environments

    Cable estructurado equipos de red

    Structured cabling

    Network equipments

    Equipos audiovisuales

    Audiovisual solutions

    Audiovisual and Multimedia

    Seguridad Contra Incendio y CCTV


    Fire proteciton and CCTV

    Walkie Talkies comunicación interna

    Walkie Talkies

    Internal communication


    Communications - Audiovisual - Security

    We use the latest technologies to provide efficient solutions

    • Radiocommunications

      PMR / Trunking / TETRA

    • Connectivity

      Radio Wi-Fi / Wi -Max

    • Transmission

      Radio network / GigaEthernet

    • Communications

      Via Satellite

    • Fiber Optics

      F.O and FTTH

    • Mobile phone


    • TV Difussion

      TV / TDT / IP

    • Radio Difussion

      Radio / FM / Podcast

    • Transport

      Transport and Contribution

    • Audiovisual production

      with professional equipment

    • Automation

      Automatic solutions

    • Corporate Audiovisual

      Audio and Video

    • Sensors & Smart Cities

      Intelligent technologies

    • TIC and networks

      TIC administration

    • Servicios de protección contra incendio

    • Acces control


    • Anti-intrusion systems


    • Video surveillance


    We integrate technological systems and infrastructure, both outside and inside, to offer the best customer service

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    Ingeniería instalación sistema anti incendio anti intrusión cctv cámaras seguridad

    Voice and Data System, telephone and structured cabling for Laie 

    Ingeniería Instalación sistemas equipos audiovisuales

    Audiovisual solutions at Camp Nou for FC Barcelona

    Ingeniería Instalación Sistema Voz Datos Telefonía Cable estrcuturado

    Voice and Data System, telephone and structured cable for Laie

    Voice and Data and Mobile Phone  network for Mercabarna

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