Working on the improvement of Public Administration

+Efficiency +Innovation +Participation +Technology

    We provide solutions so that Public Administrations can move towards more efficient systems in their day to day

    Engineering and Infrastructure installation

    Integration services and product manufacturation

    Official partners of reference manufacturers

    Concise planning of the technological systems to be installed

    Coordination and participation in innovative projects

    Multidisciplinary reference teams in the technology sector

    Public Administration solutions

    We integrate communications and multimedia systems for the evolution of public services

    Critical Communications

    Communciation and Security


    Emergency and Video surveillance


    Audiovisual and multimedia solutions


    for Infrastructures


    Infrastructures security

    Smart City

    Intelligent technologies

    Walkie Talkies

    Interna communication

    Natural environment

    Control and protection of the natural environment

    Expertise areas

    Our experience and technical capacity as developers and systems integrators has allowed us to create a complete proposal of communication, security and audiovisual technologies to facilitate the work of Public Administrations.

    In ADTEL we implement communications and multimedia systems for televisions, radios and public auditoriums; We work to improve the citizen security beside the security forces and we develop new communications systems in order to improve the accesibility of the information 


    We develop innovative and secure technologies of critical application for
    the services of the State Administration and the Autonomous Communities

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    Use case in PPAA

    + 25
    years of experience
    + 100
    city councils
    + 600
    Ingeniería Instalación Vehículo de videovigilancia móvil Seguridad Vigilancia

    Mobile video surveillance vehicle for authoritie


    Sistema automático de producción audiovisual para plenos municipales Vídeo Acta Pleno digital Pleno municipal

    Automatic audiovisual production system
    for municipal plenary sessions

    Web iOn

    Ingeniería Instalación Red de comunicaciones WI-Fi para la ciudadanía

    Wi-Fi communication network for citizens

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    Sistema de megafonía inteligente para playas y entornos urbanos

    Intelligent PA system for beaches and urban environments

    Web AirVoice

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