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Radio and TV signal transmission

ADTEL has solutions for video and audio services, which frequently work on the telecommunications networks provided by the company. We have a deep knowledge of these technologies, which applies to both the audiovisual and industrial sectors.

ADTEL offers solutions for the transmission of radio and television signals, both at the level of signal transport and distribution between production centers and broadcasting centers, as well as at the level of content contribution between production centers. ADTEL carries out projects using the most appropriate technology in each case, be it fiber, radio link, satellite or on operator services.


Capture, transmission and management of video and audio over IP

A differential element of ADTEL is the ability to send images from places that do not have connectivity or in vehicles or mobile systems. This is possible thanks to the development of solutions for capturing, transmission and management of images based on IP technology.

ADTEL also offers video analytics and processing solutions for specific applications, where it is necessary to combine video, communications and systems. In this way, we integrate specific solutions for the transport, public administration, security, emergencies, water and environment sectors.

aviwest 3g 4g audiovisual
AVIWEST, the wireless video solution to broadcast live from anywhere in the world
videovigilancia móvil

Citizen Security and Mobile Video Surveillance

The recording and distribution of images in large spaces, mass events or mass gatherings is essential to guarantee public safety and in emergency situations. We have mobile video surveillance solutions for situations where access is an obstacle to supervising the environment.

Public address and intercom

In addition to installing standard solutions, ADTEL implements intercom and public address solutions for specific applications. ADTEL has developed the AirVoice family of autonomous public address systems for public information, designed to be installed in places where there is no communication or electricity supply.

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