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Video and Audio

ADTEL provides solutions for video and audio services, which often employ the telecommunication networks provided by the company. ADTEL has a profound knowledge of these technologies, which it applies to both the audiovisual and the industrial sector.

In video systems, ADTEL has catchment, transmission and image management solutions based on IP technology. A unique element of ADTEL is the ability to get images from places that do not have connectivity either in vehicles or mobile systems. Equally, ADTEL develops processing and analytical video solutions for specific applications where it is essential to combine video, communications, and systems. In this way, we integrate specific solutions for the transport, public administration, safety, emergency, water and environment sectors. You can obtain more information on specific solutions here and here.

In audio systems, in addition to installing standard solutions, ADTEL has implemented intercom and megaphone solutions for specific applications. ADTEL has developed the AirVoice family of autonomous systems for information to the public, designed to be installed in places that do not have communications or power supply. You can access more information here.

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Solutions ADTEL

Explore the range of solutions created by ADTEL to fulfill your needs:

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Explore the services that we offer in ADTEL:

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