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The training and the knowledge that our engineers have, as well as the company’s speed and response capacity, are some of the unique factors that make ADTEL a benchmark engineering company in its area of specialisation.

The unique value of our engineering services is based on the profound knowledge of the fields in which we are specialised together with a high capacity to work on the ground providing measurement capacity with appropriate comprehensive instrumentation.

The main areas of ADTEL specialisation are audiovisual, radio and television broadcasting, radio links and wireless transmission, radio communications, transmission by fibre optics, video and audio, and fibre optic deployments.

Among the engineering services offered, it is worth highlighting technological consultancy, field measurements and service, network and system projects, management and follow-up of work, acceptance and putting into operation, quality control and documentation.

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Explore the services that we offer in ADTEL:

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Solutions ADTEL

Explore the range of solutions created by ADTEL to fulfill your needs:

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