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ADTEL has accumulated vast experience in radio and television transmission projects. It has widely participated in digital terrestrial television implementation projects, both at the level of engineering services and supply, installation and equipment maintenance. It currently boasts several of the major operators of radio and television among its customers.

ADTEL offers solutions for radio and television signal transmission, for signal transport and distribution between production centres and broadcasting centres, and for content contribution between production centres. ADTEL carries out projects using the most appropriate technology in each case, whether fibre, radio link, satellite or operator services.

ADTEL is present in the sound broadcasting market via its FM transmitters belonging to the Link brand that has more than 25 years market presence. After the acquisition of this factory in 2008, ADTEL has continued to evolve the product to adapt it to the current needs of the international market. Click here for more information.

With regard to television transmission, ADTEL offers transmission solutions in digital and analogue television, in addition to radiant systems. We have extensive experience in TV coverage projects, with re broadcasting solutions.

Following the evolution of the audiovisual market, ADTEL provides solutions for the distribution and broadcast of radio and television on the internet, both live and on-demand.

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Solutions ADTEL

Explore the range of solutions created by ADTEL to fulfill your needs:

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