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Radio and TV signal transmission

ADTEL has among its clients several of the main radio and television operators. It has participated extensively in projects for the deployment of digital terrestrial television, both at the level of engineering services and equipment supply, installation and  maintenance.

ADTEL offers solutions for the transmission of radio and television signals, both at the level of signal transport and distribution between production centers and broadcasting centers, as well as at the level of content contribution between production centers. ADTEL carries out projects using the most appropriate technology in each case, be it fiber, radio link, satellite or on operator services.


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ADTEL is present in the sound broadcasting market with its Link brand FM transmitters, which has been in the market for more than 25 years. After its acquisition in 2008, ADTEL has continued to evolve the product to adapt it to the current demands of the international market. For more information click here.

Television Transmission

As for television transmission, ADTEL offers transmission solutions in digital and analog television, as well as radiant systems.

We have extensive experience in TV coverage projects, with reissue solutions. Following the evolution of the audiovisual market, ADTEL has solutions for the distribution and broadcasting of radio and television over the Internet, both live and on demand.

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