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In the development of its activity, ADTEL applies its knowledge in communications and information systems as an integral part of its audiovisual and telecommunications solutions.

It also offers its clients specific solutions aimed at developing and improving their information and communication systems.

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ADTEL has developed its Call You IP telephony platform aimed at improving and making voice communications more efficient in any organization or company.

Callyou is customized specifically for each client to offer all the required functionalities at the best possible cost, in addition to supplying considerable savings compared to the total cost of conventional telephone systems.

ADTEL is registered as a Telecommunications Operator, which allows its clients to offer a comprehensive solution that simplifies all processes as much as possible.

ADTEL offers specific connectivity solutions tailored to customer needs, even in locations where dominant telecom operators do not offer adequate service. The combination of connectivity and CallYou services usually brings very significant benefits to customers.

ADTEL also offers services for the implementation, operation and maintenance of systems and information and communications aimed mainly at SMEs and local administrations.

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Radio communications

PMR / Trunking / TETRA

Radio transmission

Wireless Transmission


Audiovisuales and multimedia

Video and Audio

Audiovisual and Security

Critical Communications

Communication and security

Optical fiber

Transmission and take off

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