How to improve data communications to vehicles and PMA?

Call You Extreme is ADTEL's solution for Emergencies that allows data communications to vehicles and PMA quickly and safely in areas with low connectivity.
comunicaciones de datos a vehículos y PMA

Why it is necessary to optimize communications between emergency teams

As a result of the fires that occurred in Spain during the summer of 2022, numerous requests have been made by the firefighting services, Civil Protection and 112 to improve data communications of command vehicles and PMA (Advanced Command Posts). ). Most emergency situations have been carried out in forest areas and natural parks, areas that usually have very low levels of coverage so that the control center and the operators themselves can communicate with each other in optimal conditions.

Communications between rescue teams during a critical mission operation must be fast, secure and intelligible. The reaction time must be as fast as possible to minimize risks and response time. Incidents such as lack of coverage, leaks, corruptible systems or diffuse communications can put the entire operation at risk.

Call You Extreme: Fast and secure communications from anywhere in the world.

Call You Extreme is ADTEL’s solution that offers robust connections during emergency situations. Its objective is to allow communication between emergency teams quickly and safely in areas of low connectivity through 3G/4G/5G wireless networks and other available connections.

The Call You Extreme service is essential to guarantee a flow of secure communications between two or more points, regardless of the sector in which it is required, even when the operation is located in areas where a large bandwidth is required, despite the fact that there is low connectivity, with the aim of optimizing data communications to vehicles and PMA, as well as in forest areas, natural parks, complex events and emergency situations in general.


data communications to vehicles and PMA
Call You Extreme communication system

Features of Call You Extreme

Call You Extreme allows a more robust and powerful communication than conventional 4G equipment, as well as a more competitive cost than satellite solutions. All this through a private VPN.

  • 3G/4G/5G/LTE bonding connectivity
  • Unlimited data
  • Multi-operator
  • Added 4G speed x4
  • Automatic failover
  • VPN private and transparent to the user
  • Ability to add VSAT
  • 24/7 support and maintenance



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