Torch Camera: High performance 4G mobile video surveillance for large surfaces

The Torch Camera is the high-performance 4G mobile video surveillance solution for large surfaces designed for the Security and Emergency sector.
Vídeovigilancia móvil 4G

Increase the efficiency of an operation with 4G mobile video surveillance in emergency situations

The Torch 4G Camera is a rapidly deployable 4G mobile video surveillance camera designed to capture and monitor large outdoor areas. It allows you to obtain razor-sharp images, both day and night, uninterrupted 24/7. This solution optimizes the speed and efficiency of an operation during surveillance projects, disaster response, incident monitoring, public disorder situations and operations monitoring.

4G mobile video surveillance: All-in-one security

Total autonomy and anti-vandalism design

The Torch camera is a fully self-contained solution. It features a comprehensive system of lenses + storage + router + battery, with a robust and vandal-resistant design, for remote monitoring in off-network and rapid deployment environments where image quality and reliability are essential requirements.

Live streaming

High-quality images via 4G

High-resolution images up to 6 MP are streamed to one or multiple users via direct web access, professional video management software (VMS), or integration into an existing physical security management platform. Live images can be viewed remotely on any smartphone, tablet or computer with Internet access.

Solution Features

  • Dimensions: 20×47 cm | Weight: 8kg | Autonomy: 6h
  • Autonomous integral system: camera (interchangeable) storage, router and battery
  • High quality 6MP sensor. Live images via 3G/4G.
  • Robust high security system against cyber attacks
  • Intelligent motion detection analytics. Avoid false positives
  • Easy installation for rapid deployment on poles or facades.
  • Sending alerts, including images and highlighting events
  • Quick Installation + Easy Configuration

Benefits of the Torch 4G camera in emergency situations

  • High performance 4G mobile video surveillance.
  • Increased strategic capacity by having new angles of vision.
  • Greater anticipation and improved response capacity during operations
  • Integration of different video sources in the same system managed by VIMO. Contact us for more information.

The Torch camera is designed to increase security and prevention in complex environments, where speed and reliability are essential requirements to guarantee the success of the operation. For more information, click here.