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The AirVoice smart in communications module in the urban furniture of the streets of Bruguières

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After the launch of the new Air Voice Smart In communications and sound module by ADTEL, we celebrated a new success case in France, specifically in the town of Bruguières (Toulouse). In this project, the AirVoice smart in communications module has been integrated into the high-design urban furniture and the lighting columns of Bruguières streets. The module of communications provides …

Realización automática

The automatic solution iOn offers a timelapse of La Candelera 2018 fair

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ADTEL launched the automatic solution iOn – Intelligent Audiovisual Technology during the celebration of the annual fair of La Candelera 2018. The iOn system recorded and streamed 24/7 automatically, without any camera operator behind it. Neither the long duration of the project of more than a week of recording without stopping, nor the inclement weather were an obstacle so that …

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Diputació de Barcelona renews its audiovisual system of capturing images

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The Diputació de Barcelona has always video covered its plenary sessions and offer them at the disposal of the citizens by publishing these videos on the Internet. Since last March, Diputació de Barcelon has incorporated the technology of ADTEL to automate the generation of this videos, which it does not require the participation of any operator and the final product …