ADTEL renews the maintenance of the TETRA radio network of Barcelona buses

Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) once again relies on the ADTEL service to work on the maintenance of the TETRA radio network that provides service to Barcelona buses. This technology of critical application is fundamental to carry out voice communications and SAE (Operating Assistance System) for more than 1,000 buses in service at TMB.  

TRAGSA Telecommunications tower

TRAGSA has relied on ADTEL for overhaul of the telecommunications tower installed in the building of the Hydrographic Configuration Júcar, in Valencia. This tower supports radio links  that perform the remote network of the Confederation. ADTEL jobs have included the structural reinforcement, painting , installing beacons and lifeline, administrative review of the urban, radio and aeronautical projects, etc. ADTEL has an extensive …

CCTV in comercial centers

ADTEL has installed a CCTV system in a comercial center of Sant Cugat del Vallés. This project has included a group of 52 cameras and an optic-fiber system, allowing an optimization of the security system and better explotation of the comercial center workflow.

ADTEL in the MUNICIPALIA trade fair

Visit our stand in MUNICIPALIA, the 18th edition of the international trade fair of equipments and municipal services in Lleida. Click here to reach your personal invitation

Smart PA on Barcelona's beach

AirVoice the public address system is installed successfully on the beach Nova Icaria Barcelona. In collaboration with the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona (AMB ) it has developed a new family element incorporating an advanced functionality in a whole new concept of street furniture. In addition to the features peculiar to AirVoice information public , progress has been made towards the concept …