Sistema de vigilancia forestal automática

Forestwatch Automatic Forest Monitoring System

ADTEL integrates the ForestWatch automatic forest monitoring system into its video solutions.

This well-known system, operating in 10 countries on four continents, uses conventional video cameras to capture high definition images at surveillance sites. The core system is real-time image processing software that automatically detects the first signs of smoke produced by a forest fire, in the same way as a human watcher. In the control center, an operator can visualize live 360 ​​° panoramic images of the field of view of the various cameras it controls, and the detected alarms are displayed on the images for live evaluation, while reference is made to digital cartography .

This system allows and efficient and constant monitoring (24 hours 365 days a year) from the control center, because it can be supervised since a 8 towers by a single operator. On the other hand, both the cameras and the other equipment used are standard industrial equipment in video surveillance, communications and computer systems, without using sensors or special transmission media. In this way the cost of the system remains low and makes it possible to deploy a large number of sites.

ForestWatch is a very important improvement in the systems of prevention of forest fires, providing both operational and economic advantages as it allows enormous cost savings.