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ADTEL has one of its main lines of business in the audiovisual sector. Since the beginning of the company, our customers value our specific knowledge when it comes to integrating solutions, knowledge of telecommunication systems linked to the audiovisual system and the service capacity to offer solutions and support throughout the life of the project.

Audiovisual1ADTEL works closely with NRD Multimedia, the company specialised in the ADTEL group audiovisual integration. NRD Multimedia has longstanding experience in the audio-visual system supply and integration in the realm of audiovisual production, including work flow automation, continuity, filing, content editing and event production solutions. See more information here.

In the area of communications, we offer transport solutions and audio and video
contribution on dedicated link, internet or 3G, as well as voice and intercom solutions. In the corporate environment, we offer conference, public address system, large format display solutions,
content recording and filing. We work with the leading professional product manufacturers to offer the most appropriate solutions in each project. On the other hand, ADTEL has specific solutions for the automatic production of audiovisual content and its publication via the Internet. Click here for more information.

In the audiovisual sector, we work with the main radio and television operators, producers and media online. We also offer our audiovisual solutions to the education sector, corporate sector, public administration and industry.

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Solutions ADTEL

Explore the range of solutions created by ADTEL to fulfill your needs:

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Explore the services that we offer in ADTEL:

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