sistema megafonía inalámbrica
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AirVoice offers its prevention system on the coast of Bizkaia

The Provincial Council of Bizkaia has chosen the AirVoice public address system for the renewal of its current system of prevention and information for bathers.

Following the study of the terrain and the provision of beaches in the coast of Biscay, AirVoice has redesigned the information and prevention public address system to adapt it to the new bathing environment, adapting the radio frequency power, quality of the transceivers and power to the sectors to be covered.

The beach of Isuntza will be the first to receive the new equipment, later and verified the perfect functioning, will propose a progressive deployment of the new technology in the other beaches of the coast.

AirVoice adds another province to the collaboration with public entities concerned with the safety and well-being of bathers, also promoting in this case sustainability with the preferential consumption of renewable energies.

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