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ADTEL hytera 6x3

Renewal the DMR analog repeaters to digital


Do not let your analog radio network being obsolete. Renew to a DMR digital technology at the price of analog.

Ease of change:

  •  The digital repeater is compatible with their existing radios. Continue using your walkies and analog stations and add new digital terminals as needed.
  • Continue to hold the same frequencies that now you use analog but digital performance.


Digital repeater at an analog price 

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ADTEL Solutions

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  • RS1078_PD355_freigestellt-scr
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  • RS892_pd50x-2_freigestellt
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Advantatges of DMR digital tecnology

  • Two simultaneous conversations on a single channel. More savings capacity or frequency.
  • Excelent audio quality even with low coverage.
  • Encrypted digital communication.
  • GPS data transmission, messages or applications.
  • Extension of coverage through IP network. Do not be unserved.