Diputació de Barcelona renews its audiovisual system of capturing images

sistema audiovisual

The Diputació de Barcelona has always video covered its plenary sessions and offer them at the disposal of the citizens by publishing these videos on the Internet. Since last March, Diputació de Barcelon has incorporated the technology of ADTEL to automate the generation of this videos, which it does not require the participation of any operator and the final product is available immediately at the end of the session. Analog cameras have been replaced by HD-SDI cameras working at 1080p resolution and associated recording and mixing hardware. An example of the end result can be seen here. https://youtu.be/eM3m6i0jlII

The Diputación de Barcelona project has been an important reference for ADTEL for its solution of automatic generation of video already used by many municipalities to record and issue their plenary sessions, such as Guadalajara, Rubí and Tàrrega in the province of Barcelona, Or Los Barrios in Cadiz.