ADTEL is an integrator and Gold Certified Partner of PepLink


The engineering and IT department of ADTEL have achieved the Peplink Certified Engineer. ADTEL has successfully approved its two training and certification programs: the Peplink Certified Engineer Profile (PCE) and the Peplink Certified Sales Specialist (PCSS).

About Peplink

Peplink is the manufacturer of solutions and devices for mobile environments (buses, police cars, maritime transport, etc.) with advanced functionalities such as portable Wi-Fi connectivity, internet line balancing, merging of up to 25 WAN lines (using its patented technology called “Speedfusion”) increasing the available bandwidth in areas with low connectivity. Peplink offers high reliability and added value with its solutions designed to succed in mobile and complex environments.

ADTEL has the necessary knowledge to satisfy customer needs with Peplink solutions, in addition to being able to solve incidents and provide advanced technical support to the customer.


Our solutions powered by Peplink: Call You Extreme

Call You Extreme is a 3G / 4G bonding technology solution that allows high-bandwidth and high-availability connection in vehicles and in areas with little connectivity. It offers unlimited data and combined 3G / 4G / LTE connections, plus the ability to add VSAT and land lines to your communications. In short, Call You Extreme offers fast and secure connections from anywhere in the world in areas and transport with low connectivity.


comunicaciones seguras
CU Extreme guarantees a secure communication flow between two or more points, regardless of the sector in which it is required.



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